About M.L.M Protection

Refining and Tightening National Security

Group of Experts – Proven Track Record

M.L.M Protection was established and managed by Mr. Sharon Botzer and Mr. Ofer Bar, both former Special Agents in Charge of leaders and high-level personas security in the Israeli Security Agency (ISA) – a high level task force that requires specialized training in the development and implementation of integrated security solutions and operational planning for diverse environments and various threat levels.

M.L.M. management and board members, as well as the company’s professional personnel, have successfully adopted the security strategy of the organizations they’ve been a part of (ISA, Mossad, IDF and Israel Police) and utilize their vast experience to achieve the best practices.
Management and board members are analyzing and adjusting the services according to customer’s needs, based on professional continuous assessments and implementation of custom made solutions based on the highly appraised Israeli protection and security system and perception.

The Israeli Advantage
As an Israeli based and operated company, M.L.M harnesses to its operations all the accumulated know how of the well-known Israeli proven national security best practices, all developed and proven at the strategic and tactical highest levels.
Integration of vast knowledge, extensive operational experience and frequent updates allow “M.L.M. Protection” to provide its clients with the most advanced security solutions, optimally adapted to their specific needs and demands.