The Team

The MLM Team

MLM is an International Group of Security Experts and Business man, Specializing on Improving National Security by Providing Tailor Made Security and Intelligence Solutions

Group Members Include

  • Ex. Israeli Deputy Defense Minister
  • Ex. Israeli Director General of Ministry Of Defense
  • Ex. Israeli Chief of Police
  • Operations Experts (Ex Israeli Agencies)
  • Financial Experts
  • Technology Experts

We Bring a Field Proven Expertise and Methodologies to Improve the National Security and defense of our clients by

  • Identification and prioritization of current and future threats
  • Identification of the required changes in the Modus Operandi based on the changes including technologically changes, operational changes and structural changes.
  • Choosing and implementing the best technologies available in the market.
  • Build up of the new operational concepts for the security organizations.
  • Providing the necessary training & auditing to ensure success over time