Integration & Consulting

Characterization of the division’s main activities
MLM’s management and employees have a wealth of experience in the field of security consultation, experience that was accumulated during their service in Israel’s security agency.

The consultation and examination method – RTtm (Relevant Threat)



“The Relevant Threat” – a special method for conducting risk assessment in the security site, developed in recent years by the Israeli state security apparatus. The method defines, using precise terminology (range and weight), together with the client, all threats that he has decided to “deal with”. In the second phase, the method designates the applicability of the threat in the relevant field cell, and finally quantifies precisely the effectiveness of each layer of security over time.

 The Relevant Threat Model (RT-tm)


Tactical and Strategic Consultation

Consultation provided to security units, large agencies, complex and sensitive facilities (nuclear reactors, convention centers, stadiums, sporting events, hotels, etc.) – the consultation is done according to a unique method developed in the state security sector (the “Relevant Threat” or RTtm method). This method provides a response for several areas.

  • Consultation and general accompaniment of corporations in all areas of ongoing security and investigations, including special intelligence units.
  • Strategic facilities for a city/ country – (water sources, electricity, sensitive facilities, etc.).
  • Special consulting for the oil and gas industry (facilities, supply lines, floating oil rigs).
  • Consulting for various security details (security of VIPs, delegations, facility security units).
  • Consultation for S.W.A.T. teams.
  • Consultation for protecting public and mass events (cultural and sporting events, elections, etc.). Preparing a security survey, planning the security concept and managing the security project.
  • Consultation with corporations in the field of industrial espionage.
  • Data and cyber security.
  • Consultation on reducing urban crime.
  • Consultation in areas of flight security (air marshals, airport security, and passenger inspection).
  • Consultation on public transportation security (trains and buses).
  • Consultation in accordance with the ISPS (marine) code for security of seaports and ships.
  • Police consultation – for police units (crowd dispersal, policing, war on drugs, criminal identification, etc.)
  • Consultation on the security of prison facilities.
  • Consulting on the security of structures and facilities (company’s offices, hotels, buildings, corporations, institutions etc.)