Corporate & Company’s Protection

M.L.M Extensive Operation was formed in order to provide its clients with the total protection they require and its personnel was handpicked in order to deliver the best results each and every time and is combined of the best agents, security guards and professionals in the field.

M.L.M. Professional Staff Members have previously served in close-protection units and the ISA, in the Intelligence units of the ISA and Mossad (as commanders and operators), in the Israeli Police force and the IDF, fulfilling various instructional and command duties.

Our company’s security and intelligence professionals have been personally responsible for the security of Israeli leaders and representatives of other countries, managing significant security and intelligence systems of the state of Israel.
In order to better serve our clientele, we are offering alongside our large scale services additional services meeting our clients’ sensitive demands.

Our Supplemental Services Include

  • Security consultancy to mid-level and tier 1 companies
  • Definition of security threats and breaches
  • Definition and execution of security protocols
  • Guarding the companies’ top-level financial and security interests
  • Consultancy to companies’ top level management teams – security and business intelligence level
  • Close protection for executives.
  • Training in various domains of security, intelligence and protection management.
  • Foundation and formation of various security units.
  • Business, state and private intelligence services.

Our company is engaged in professional activities all over the world, assisted by an extensive network of contacts that was established over decades of work with the leading specialists in the field of security worldwide.

Establishing, Equipping, And Training Counter-Terrorism Units

Develops and implements cutting-edge, customized security solutions for various sectors and environments, based on broad expertise and operational experience accumulated within the framework of the Israeli security services (ISA) and Israeli Secret Service, where its founders and members of its professional staff held senior positions, and subsequently, in civilian security projects carried out in many countries around the world.

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