National & Country Level

“Homeland Security” services provide countries and states professional security services concerning the country’s security and infrastructure sensitive and intricate projects, all handled at the largest scales and complexity, making their mark on the nation and on the personal level of the citizens’ lives.

The purpose of such projects is to allow our clients to utilize a variety of solutions for the benefit of their operational efficiency by acquiring extensive knowledge provided by Israeli senior security personnel and by using leading state of the art Israeli management and control technologies- all aimed to assist countries to cope successfully with the ever changing complexity of security at the modern era.

All services are tailor made to the nation and country level and varies from nationwide infrastructure foundation and auditing to cyber protection, large scale computing projects and upgrades, consultancy to the highest level of security personnel and more.

Goals, Aims And Objectives

  • Determine the type of risks the organization and its managers are exposed to, based on their unique characteristics, the country or several countries they are active in, terrorism threats and criminal organizations, trends, violent incidents the organization or similar organizations were exposed to, specific threats towards the organization or its management and other various factors taken into consideration.
  • Develop the concept of security and intelligence, providing solutions to specific threats and risks, as they were initially determined. This will allow defining the priorities in order to handle the situation efficiently and in accordance with its level of threat.
  • Implement appropriate knowledge and technologies, including all relevant components, in order to protect the organization, its employees, etc., and to ensure its uninterrupted and continued operation and corporate reputation maintenance.