National Infrastructure

The increasingly rising attraction of infrastructure facilities as strategic and valuable targets to criminal and terrorist organizations has caused many law enforcement and security agencies all over the world to invest considerable resources in this field in order to prevent the next damage to vital infrastructure facilities as government buildings, large business companies, energy production factories, oil and gas storage facilities, electricity etc.

M.L.M. Professional Personnel has gained extensive knowledge and experience in the development and implementation of intelligence and protection programs for security-sensitive facilities while working in the Israeli security services (ISA and Mossad) and were successfully implemented in a wide range of projects used by sophisticated modules.

Services Include

  • Defining current and future threats on the states’ critical infrastructure facilities.
  • Submission of Professional recommendations and required action items
  • Consultancy to high level decision making personnel in the respective organizations
  • Integration and implementation of top level security, technological systems
  • Implementation of work methodologies
  • Auditing and continuous follow up

Protection standards are designed and carried out in tight collaboration with the local regulatory authorities as needed. Interaction and coordination in conjunction with the local emergency service providers (law enforcement agencies, emergency medical services, etc.) are significant components in such projects and are being carried out in full cooperation with all relevant authorities.

Implementation of our company’s unique technology, combined with an extensive knowledge of our consultants, ensures the optimal cost-benefit ratio for our clients when it comes to determining the optimal solution to various attack scenarios.