State Agencies & Local Law Enforcement

Project management in the field of national security agencies includes diverse specifications that affect the life environment of the citizens and are characterized by extensive work in conjunction with civil authorities, law enforcement, home front protection, etc., which confront criminal threats, terror and large-scale events on a regular basis.

What Do The Service Includes ?

The service includes an up close professional consultancy to high level decision makers in the law enforcement forces alongside training of field level security personnel. The purpose of these projects is to allow the clients to maintain their calm and secure routine, despite the growing amount of threats towards the civil population in recent years, allowing them to maintain their daily routine uninterruptable and governments to act seamlessly in order to ensure the public safety at all times.

The Service Solutions Include

  • Defining the clients’ needs and security requirements
  • Submission of Professional recommendations and required action items
  • ¬†Consultancy to high level decision making personnel in the law enforcement organizations
  • ¬†Integration and implementation of top level security, technological systems
  • Implementation of work methodologies

The “M.L.M. Protection” Management And Board members are highly experienced in working in conjunction with law enforcement agencies in various countries (mainly in South America, Africa, the Far East and Eastern Europe) joining hands to ensure the safety of the population.

Integration of Israeli technologies and extensive knowledge of the Israeli intelligence and security agencies allow the client to utilize a variety of solutions for the benefit of their operational efficiency and “decision support” system’s efficiency, enabling maximum control around the clock.